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Newsletter: June, July & August 2023

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Welcome to our next Quarterly instalment of our newsletter. Read on for news, upcoming events and gallery exhibitions!


From the Committee

Our President, Colin Bushell writes:

With any organisation, there are times when its actions move at pace, and times when things just tick over. In these last couple of months, momentum has been something from a ride at Dreamworld: fast, exciting and fun.

With The Gap State High School Gallery, we did not only achieve a great result for The Gap Creative, but we illustrated to the school that their first-class venue can be a figurehead for community engagement, and thanks to the great work of Di, Sally and Marianne, amongst many others, we now have yet another focal point for our creatives moving forward.

In addition, the Gap Village has been true to its word when it spoke of giving us free reign over matters creative. Already, we have had one event, with another locked in and more planned. If you have any ideas, let us know. We have also started building new relationships with the businesses within.

The Gap Creative is truly being seen as the hub of creativity.

Next up is the Open Studio event, and that looks like it is going to be bigger than ever. This is followed by The Gap Soiree (a smaller, but well attended event) and another Ruby Red launch, along with the St Marks Anglican Church.

I must stress that this success has been built largely by the sterling efforts of a group of our members. However, to maintain this momentum, we need others to help. If you would like to put your hand up to assist wherever you can, we are looking for effective working groups for each event. Only with your help, can we keep things moving.

Finally, be kind to the people who work or play in the creative field. It is not always easy, but it is a place of ideas, friendship, camaraderie and sharing. I believe that, and I know most of you do too.


Recent Events + Exhibitions

We recently had gallery exhibitions which were a great success! MAY The first was the Ruby Red exhibition on May 4th. We had a great turn out, our volunteer team did a terrific job curating and setting the space up for success and the artists came out in droves. We are so thrilled to be supporting the creative community here in The Gap.

Colin, our President said that during the event someone approached him to say

“I was wondering what joining the Gap Creative would actually look like. What was in it for me? Having come to this event, I can see clearly how amazing the camaraderie, talent and sense of fun is in this community. No ego. Just a sense of fun, friendship and sharing. A wonderful group I will be thrilled to be part of”.

JUNE In June, The Gap Creative invited the community to our next shared exhibition at The Tula Gallery located in The Gap State High School opening 16th-22nd June. With an opportunity for you to purchase an original work just As You Like It!

‘As You Like It’ our inaugural art exhibition in the fabulous Tula Gallery at The

Gap State High School most certainly exceeded our expectations.

Our members really made this event a special providing 82 works across a diverse

range including pure abstract to photorealism, sculptures, mosaics and

photographs. We also had incredible support from our members in curating

and manning the gallery during the week. 

In the spirit of the ‘Archies’ the High School art teachers selected a packing

room prize. Kim Price received a voucher from ‘Creative Framing’ for

her acrylic and collage work ‘Behind the Scene’ which was described as a

‘palimpsest’, that is work displaying a richness of history of the multiple

surfaces. The art teachers also complimented the skillful and professional curation – thanks especially to Natarscha Schneider for guiding the team on the day.

Opening night was abuzz with over 100 people attending, there was plenty of

food and bubbles. It was great to see members of The Gap Creative with the

opportunity to meet each other, network and meet people interested in

supporting our artistic practice. 

Jonty Bush, one of our great supporters, was going to open the exhibition but

was delayed in Parliament and couldn’t attend after all. Diana Briscoe, the

relentlessly positive and energetic force behind this initiative stepped in and

gave a thoughtful acknowledgement to country and a little history on the

origins of the Tula Gallery. 

The success of this event owes much to the people behind the scenes.

Venus Ganis was our school contact. Nothing was too much trouble for

her and the positive connection we now have with the school is one we hope

to foster. 

Special thanks to Sally Hogan and Marianne Wilson for the many extra hours

contributed to the success of this event. 

Finally a huge thank you to all our members for their endless support. Being

an artist is so often an individual, solitary pursuit but your willingness to work

together toward a common goal illustrates just what we can achieve as The

Gap Creative!


The Gap Creative Open Studios

Announcing the dates for our 2023 Open Studio event - 19th & 20th August

The Gap Creative Open Studio event last year was a great success with 14 artists participating across 9 studios. We are now looking to build this into an annual event for The Gap Creative and have emailed further details to members.

Register your application to participate in the open studios here

New Members

We have welcomed a few new members over the last few months, lets give a warm welcome to:

Annie Barclay Creative practice/process

I start my creative process by looking at all of my raw materials and imagining what the finished wall art will look like. I think about the frame that I've chosen to do the project with, the matrix for it, building the box, and bringing it all together. Building the box for each piece is such a nice process as it is the foundation of the piece. I’m so fortunate to have a very handy husband who builds the boxes for me and attaches the frame to the box.

Then comes the fun part of actually looking at the plants and choosing each one and I choose them for the texture, the colour and the form that they grow in.

Craig McConachy Creative practice/process I'm mostly inspired by places in Australia and overseas locations visited. I focus on landscapes and abstracts. I'm inspired by contrasting colours, tones and shapes within a composition. All the better if I can paint in a narrative or add a cultural nuance.

My role as an artist is as an alternative career. After four decades of numerous roles within Defence, I'd like to focus on creating images that evoke pleasant memories for others.

Rhondalee Hunt

We asked Rhondalee... Tell us a bit about your creative practice/process?

I love to explore my concepts without boundaries and the creative flow take over, that’s where magic is made..

Tell us a bit about your experience/expertise outside the visual arts?

A season of being frustrated with a management position led me to open a cafe and gourmet retail food store that became a destination We were featured regularly in major newspapers and magazines for our unique take on things including growing a high percentage of our own produce. I believe my artist heart and love of blessing people made it a huge success. The decor, visual merchandising and creative food combinations were a hit & gave me a continued creative outlet.

Libby Morton

We asked Libby....

Tell us a bit about your creative practice/process? ​I decided to learn photography when I retired two years ago. I'm self taught, with the addition of some workshops.

What experience or expertise to you have outside the Visual Arts? I worked for many years in mental health policy, service development and clinical service delivery

We asked Libby what she thought the role of art in society? Photography is a way of viewing and understanding the world through a different lens, creating opportunities for storytelling and reflection.


Welcoming New Members for 2023 + Renewal of Memberships for Existing Members

As we roll into a new year our Membership opportunities have never been better! Some of our main FAQ's is can a hobby artist or a part-time creative join - and the answer is YES! Of course. We have Professional artists within our community of course, but a vast majority of our creative community are part-time artists, passionate hobbyists and even 'create when we have a chance' folks too.

One of the many great benefits of membership will be the ability to draw upon the skills and resources of other local Gap creatives and businesses every step of their creative journey. Some of our Top Member Benefits include:

Gain support from a diverse team of professionals and artists

-Have you ever wanted to run a workshop or an exhibition, but found the process to hard or a venue to expensive? We have experienced artists who can provide guidance or tips as well as strategic workshops to teach you these skills

Would you like to form a creative, practical or logistical partnership with other local businesses? Collaboration is the name of the game! There are so many wonderful opportunities to collaborate with like-minded creatives and becoming a member will give you many opportunities to meet and connect with 'your creative tribe'.

- Do you want a dedicated gallery space to feature your artwork with regular gallery events run by a dedicated team? Earlier this year, we launched our new gallery space, in partnership with the wonderful Charity Trek2Health. Each year, we have opportunities to open to the public and future customers for your art collection!

With a multitude or fellow creatives and local business relationships at hand, The Gap Creative will be a one stop shop to assist you when you are looking to take on that new challenge.

To check eligibility (mainly, to be a local of The Gap with your studio or home within our Suburb) and to sign up - click here:


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