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Newsletter: December, January, February 2022/2023

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Hello, Happy New Year and welcome to our next installment of our Quarterly Newsletter.


From the Committee

Our President, Colin Bushell writes: "For last year's words belong to last year's language. And next year's words await another voice.”

T.S. Eliot wrote this 80 years ago, but it is a timely reminder of the line in the sand we draw at the end of each year.

The world of the creative has been transformed by the events of the last three years; some might say for the better. The focus on the small things, the personal things and the considered things has been sharpened by the clipping of our expectant and demanding wings.

Creativeness here in The Gap, has not necessarily increased, it has been channeled. And that is a good thing. The Gap Creative is about supporting everyone who feels they have a voice; whether painter, ceramicist, photographer, sculptor, model maker or a myriad of other defined or loosely defined mediums.

We’re not about expert, or professional, or success; we’re about inclusiveness, learning and community collectiveness.

The Gap Creative - in 2023 - will be working hard to further establish itself as a force for ingenuity and imagination. But we can’t do it alone. Neither can a small group within, who may not always shout the loudest, but frequently cry out for assistance. Like all good things, you get out of something what you put in.

If you’d like to look back from the future - as T.S. Eliot’s words resonate again in 2023 - please spread the words, share the love, and get involved. We really would love to see you.



We are excited to announce some new committee members to support our volunteer team. During our AGM meeting Colin Bushell is continuing his role President, Cherylene Smith is continuing her Treasurer role. We have a new Secretary, Lynsay Allen

General Committee Members include: Di Briscoe dubbed our 'experience coordinator' Jannine McFarlane our Marketing Manager Leona Reif our Grants Facilitator and Open Studios team organizer Ashley McHardy our newsletter editor Sally Hogan our Website Manager With this team of volunteers and each in their roles, we will have a cohesive team working closely together to support our creative community. We are always welcoming other helping hands, if you have an idea and want to execute it, get in touch!


The Gap Creative Open Studios

Our first studio trail was a great success - stay tuned for our dates to be released for 2023.

In October last year, we were proud to host our very first multi-location event,

We invited visitors to take some time ‘drifting’ between our local creative’s studios to see just how their incredible work is created. The Gap has an astonishing list of talented creatives, and this was a great opportunity for the community to get behind the scenes to see just what goes into some of their wonderful work.

We would love to extend our thanks to our Corporate Sponsor's this year, their support means we can run events such as these and our special thanks to being generously supported by the Lord Mayor's Community Fund / The Gap Ward for our signage.

New Members

We have welcomed a few new members over the last few months, lets give a warm welcome to:

Clare Treston We asked Clare....

What roles does the Artist have in society?

"Personally, I hope my art makes people smile. Art more generally in society, I think can make an emotional connection, challenge thinking, bring attention to important subjects and bring beauty to the world".

Clare studied visual art at university 2001–2003, enjoying painting, printmaking and photography, but ultimately departed from her fine arts studies after her work was deemed to be “too tasteful”.

She regularly shows at community exhibitions with themes including budgies, animals, Brisbane, European vacations, and life in the gilded cage of Queenslander in the times of COVID.

Josephine Ryan

From Josephine I commenced painting on retirement from working in mental health, l have been influenced by art nouveau and Japanese art forms.

Danielle Murtough From Danielle I am an acrylic and watercolour artist. I love painting portraits; and the flowers, birds and insects I find on my walks around The Gap.

Clare Green From Clare

In 21 years of honing her craft, Clare Green has pieced together hundreds of thousands of tiny hand-cut glass fragments into stunning mosaic masterpieces. ​ Based at The Gap, Clare describes her art as a reflection of her passion “and a tribute to the dispersive and re-compositional properties of glass”.

Over the years, Clare has developed a unique and contemporary mosaic style where those tiny pieces of hand-cut glass together act as a window to the beauty and drama of her acrylic pai​nting on canvas – Melded Glass.

​Using Smalti, glass and other materials Clare also produces vibrant and practical art pieces including tables, bird baths, garden and ​party bowls, mirrors and more.

Outside of her mosaic art exhibitions and commissions, Clare also runs weekly mosaic workshops from The Gap.


Welcoming New Members for 2023 + Renewal of Memberships for Existing Members

As we roll into a new year our Membership opportunities have never been better! Some of our main FAQ's is can a hobby artist or a part-time creative join - and the answer is YES! Of course. We have Professional artists within our community of course, but a vast majority of our creative community are part-time artists, passionate hobbyists and even 'create when we have a chance' folks too.

One of the many great benefits of membership will be the ability to draw upon the skills and resources of other local Gap creatives and businesses every step of their creative journey. Some of our Top Member Benefits include:

Gain support from a diverse team of professionals and artists

-Have you ever wanted to run a workshop or an exhibition, but found the process to hard or a venue to expensive? We have experienced artists who can provide guidance or tips as well as strategic workshops to teach you these skills

Would you like to form a creative, practical or logistical partnership with other local businesses? Collaboration is the name of the game! There are so many wonderful opportunities to collaborate with like-minded creatives and becoming a member will give you many opportunities to meet and connect with 'your creative tribe'.

- Do you want a dedicated gallery space to feature your artwork with regular gallery events run by a dedicated team? Earlier this year, we launched our new gallery space, in partnership with the wonderful Charity Trek2Health. Each year, we have opportunities to open to the public and future customers for your art collection!

With a multitude or fellow creatives and local business relationships at hand, The Gap Creative will be a one stop shop to assist you when you are looking to take on that new challenge.

To check eligibility (mainly, to be a local of The Gap with your studio or home within our Suburb) and to sign up - click here:


Thank you to our sponsors!

Spot Art Spot Art is an established Brisbane based company providing effective solutions for all your web, design and printing needs. We believe being a small agency allows us to offer the sort of personal customer service the big agencies just can't provide. Our clients range from "Mum and Dad" businesses through to multi-nationals.

As a small but professional operation with more than twenty years experience, we have the time and the expertise to focus on delivering unique, creative, cost effective and targeted results. Our award winning designer will produce stunning and effective designs while staying within your design and printing budget. If your needs extend to websites, our experienced website developer can create a new website or manage your existing website to improve your online presence.

To get in touch with Kym

Ruby Red Jewellery

"As a jewellery designer and gemmologist, I am passionate about creating unique, custom pieces that tell my customer’sstory, combined with a style that feels great when worn. Often the gem inspires the design.

I also specialise in making the most of your existing assets by working with you to re-model unwanted and no longer worn jewellery. I am currently studying jewellery valuation through the NCJV and look forward to offering this service early next year".

To get in touch with Katherine

Planet Marketing is a boutique marketing agency based in The Gap. We specialise in providing marketing services for small businesses. With over 30 years’ marketing experience, we help businesses grow sales, customers, and increase brand awareness.

We can help with all your marketing needs: providing businesses with marketing services including strategic marketing plans, digital marketing services, brand and website development, content plans and copywriting, social media services, logo development and design services, photography, publications and magazines, stakeholder engagement, consumer focus groups; marketing workshops, consulting & one-on-one marketing mentoring.

To get in touch for your businesses marketing needs, click here:

UCreate Art

Create Art Studio is a small business here in The Gap. Owned + Operated by Karen Bessell.

U Create aims to make a difference by inspiring individuals, nurturing creativity and providing the tools and ideas to spark imagination. With visual art programs, creative workshops, art and craft classes, parties, events and arts education U Create offers something for everyone.

Owner and founder of U Create, Karen Bessell is a ball of energy and ideas, ensuring the melting pot of creativity is constantly boiling over and every week is different!

To get in touch with Karen


Alex Stathakis started his career in sustainability and climate change in 2009, which, coincidentally or not, ended the second warmest decade on this planet on record.

In 2015, Alex left EY and founded Conversio so he could focus his practice on helping businesses adopt sustainability practices that were tailored to their specific needs. Within Conversio Alex supports a wide array of clients, from SMEs to international airports, to determine their carbon footprint and energy intensity. He also helps them identify opportunities to save energy and reduce unnecessary costs.

To see how your business can be more aligned with sustainability, contact Alex here:

Strategic 360

Strategic 360 is a local Brisbane Business supporting other businesses with Strategic advisory services, Estate planning, Superannuation, Accounting & Tax + Bookkeeping.

Strategic 360 Team loves to help people achieve what’s important to them….. the 360 way.

We are a people first company, we care deeply about the people behind the business. It’s responsibility to those people that drives our passion and focus.

Ky Garvey of Totally Lit Podcast

She is a Children's Book Author, Podcast facilitator and and all around creative human!

Totally Lit is a monthly podcast celebrating reading, writing and creating literature.

Join your host children's author Ky Garvey as she chats with authors, illustrators & all types of creators of books and stories. Be inspired to read, write, create, ignite!

Brisbane Inner West Realty

Starting from humble beginnings, Kathleen has worked hard to create one of the The Gap's fastest growing referral businesses. Along with her husband, Stephen Doyle, she is a true believer of constantly adapting and developing her real estate knowledge and skills.

Together they run a highly successful and much-awarded small business and employ a team of local people who share the same country-style ethics and commitment to customer satisfaction.

𝑪𝒉𝒆𝒄𝒌 𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒊𝒓 𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒌𝒔 + 𝒑𝒂𝒈𝒆𝒔 𝒃𝒆𝒍𝒐𝒘:

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