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Why become a sponsor?


  • The Gap Creative is a leading light in the promotion of creative endeavour within The Gap, as well as in the forming and development of community relationships. 

  • We are aligned with not-for-profits like Trek2Health, have the support of our local politicians, Jonty Bush and Steven Toomey, work closely with local business and wide-reaching community projects.

  • Our members include art educators, award winning artists and photographers, and a raft of skilled craftspeople with the goal of sharing their skills. 

  • Sponsorship will enable the growth of The Gap Creative and fuel a positive contribution to both our creative community, and our Gap community as a whole. 

How much is sponsorship?

Sponsorship costs $150 per financial year.

By registering now, you will receive full sponsorship immediately until June 30 2025.


What's in for my business or organisation?

The sponsorship fee of $150 includes

  • two social media promotions per year

  • your logo on our website and

  • a welcome introduction across all platforms.

You will also be given early access to additional sponsorship opportunities across our many galleries, open studios and community events. 


​Why we'd love you as a sponsor?
One of our key goals as a group is to foster connections between The Gap Creative and local community/businesses.  We all want our fellow Gap locals to succeed in whatever they do.The best thing about becoming sponsor is that we can build reciprocal partnerships that support one another. You will be supporting local creatives and where possible we will support you. 

Become a Sponsor June 2023 - 2024
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Thank you! We’ll be in touch soon.

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