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Colin Bushell

guides decision making in relation to the vision, purpose and common goals of TGCI

works closely with the Council to generate, focus, and implement ideas.

is the team cheerleader and talent-spotter

promotes membership and welcomes new members

works with the Council to prepare the agenda and chairs meetings.

ensures groups operates under the regulations governing incorporated non-profit organisations

looks for opportunities to generate income or create mutually beneficial relationships through, but not limited to, fundraising, grants, sponsorships or new business opportunities.

develops relationships with local community, businesses and organisation

prepares content for  quarterly newsletter

meets with media as required



Lynsay Allwin

  • works with the President to prepare agendas for Council and Member meetings

  • takes minutes and meetings including an organised record of decisions, key actions and/or issues

  • records and deals with correspondence

  •  provides information related to TGI events and activities

  • maintain memberships and follow up any enquiries each week

  • assists the President with a variety of responsibilities by collating the necessary meeting papers including documentation support at General Meetings, emailing Council members information such as meeting reminders and minutes, and support for preparing newsletter items

  • maintain and records Council meeting minutes and disseminates to members


Web site Manager

Sally Hogan

  • maintains website design and content

  • maintains and track memberships in consultation with President and other Council members

  • oversee operations and delegation as required

  • maintains subscriptions to email hosting, website hosting

  • maintains and monitor sales via TGCI Shop

Profile_small_March 08, 2019-2.jpg

Social Media Manager

Jannine McFarlane

  • ·       manages Instagram and Facebook accounts

  • ·       reaches out to corporate sponsor potentials

  • ·       provides copy writing as required

  • ·       maintain and track social posts schedule


Newsletter Editor

Ashley McHardy

  • Prepares quarterly newsletter for distribution.

  • Liaises with President and Council to identify key content

  • Liaises with nominated proof reader

  • Liaises with Web Site Manager and Social Media Manager for distribution


Grants Facilitator and Policy Advisor

Leona Reif

  • undertakes research and applies for appropriate grants

  • sources and organizes insurances as required

  • liaises with event co-ordinators to ensure risk assessments are prepared and compliant with government regulations

  • provides policy advice as required or requested



Cherylene Smith

  • is an integral part of the Council with overall responsibility for the financial management of the group

  • prepares and monitors the annual budget

  • has oversight over budget allocation for different events, workshops and projects.

  • is responsible for ensuring that accurate receipt and expenditure accounts are kept by the group.

  • is responsible for collecting annual membership fees and issuing invoices as required

  • prepare profit and loss statements for each quarter or as required

  • collects payments for artworks, payment to artists and commissions as required

  • maintains and presents treasurer reports for Council meetings

  • monitors TGCI bank accounts


Workshops and Social Events Co-ordinator

Diana Briscoe

  • organises timeline for key workshops and social events during the year

  • plans and outlines workshop requirements and liaises with Council to determine fees and a budget

  • communicates other arts opportunities, e.g. workshops, gallery events, artist talks, competitions etc with Web site manager and Social Media Manager

Natarscha Schneider.jpg

Events Consultant

Natarsha Schneider

  • organises timeline for key events

  • plans and outlines event requirements such as supplies, food, props etc

  • liaises with a sub-committee teams to plan and deliver events

  • liaises with relevant Council members to promote and market key events

  • plans and organises styling advice for major events and venues


Council Assistant

Marianne Wilson

  • Provides assistance to council members as requested or needed

  • Supports council members in their roles and responsibilities

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