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Sally Hogan

Artworks from Open Studios 2022

What experience or expertise do you have outside the Visual Arts?


I have had a diverse career teaching students in preschool, primary, secondary and tertiary settings as well holding many senior leadership positions in education.

I was formerly the NSW Principal School Principal Advisor for the Australian Curriculum, primary principal representative for Curriculum NSW Education Standards, Principal Liaison to the Director or Early Learning and Primary Education, principal of two primary schools and have held consultancy positions in gifted and talented, integrated curriculum, assessment and reporting and the creative arts. 

Since retiring I have returned to my first loves; art and music.

Tell us a bit about your creative practice/process?

l work in whatever style grabs me at the time or is suggested by the surface I’m working on.  I’ll use anything and everything to paint with. I like to work quickly but having said that I’ll keep working on the same thing until it feels resolved. This means I sometimes destroy things that later I come to wish I had not. I love to work on second-hand canvases because they often present unique challenges and can often take work in a unexpected directions. I sometimes will produce a series of related works but often just paint and see where it takes me. That said, my work now spans six decades and looking back I can see it represents places, faces, emotions and experiences in my life.  


Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ―  Pablo Picasso

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