Sally Hogan

I have had a diverse career teaching students in preschool, primary, secondary and tertiary settings as well holding many senior leadership positions in education.


I was formerly the NSW Principal School Principal Advisor for the Australian Curriculum, primary principal representative for Curriculum NSW Education Standards, Principal Liaison to the Director or Early Learning and Primary Education, principal of two primary schools and have held consultancy positions in gifted and talented, integrated curriculum, assessment and reporting and the creative arts. 

Since retiring I have returned to my first loves; art and music.

What role does the Artist have in society?

I think of the term artist in very broad terms.
There are artists that make their living from their art and there are artists that simply live to make art. 
I believe that art is key to living and learning. Valuing the arts in schools is key to valuing the role of artists in society. Artists are the heart, head and soul of humanity.
A society without artists is a society without humanity".