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Pygott, Helena
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Helena Pygott

Tell us a bit about your creative practice and/or process?

Helena Pygott, creator of Sandy & Wood, has been an active member of The Gap community for last 16 years. Her passion for transforming furniture and creating unique handmade wooden objects reflects her commitment to sustainability and quality craftsmanship. 
She enjoys creating high-quality, bespoke wooden jewellery, hand-carved spoons & homewares. Combining her love of natural materials, colour, shape and tactile adornments. Helena works with a variety of repurposed fine hardwoods, fashioning intricate objects by hand with the utmost attention to detail. This artisan approach gives her works character and beauty to her pieces. With a passion for sustainable design, blending traditional and contemporary looks, Helena creates inspired, original pieces that express a true and unique style.

Tell us a bit about any expertise, experience or interests?

I was a footwear designer for 13 years and then moved into project management in the signage industry dealing with large construction sites such as Westfield shopping centres, Stocklands and the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital.
I now work as an office manager for a Global IT company.

Do you have a dream project?

Whilst I work with wood and refurbishing furniture, being able to do a large interactive sculpture would be fantastic, something that would leave a lasting impression and legacy.

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