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Nathaniel Pyewacket

What’s the Difference Between Atlantis and Lismore? People remember Atlantis

Tell us a bit about your creative practice/process?

I’m a cross platform artist, working in sound, performance, visual and conceptual mediums. My practice is firmly based in occult and folk traditions, using ritual, meditative and transcendental technologies to create spaces and events of Becoming.

Currently, my conceptual focus has been developing rituals and pieces with the intention of healing and growing from natural disasters, domestic violence and entropic physical and mental health.

My dream is to open an education resource, the Esoteric Arts College, with the intent of teaching Creativity through occult and folk methods and traditions, with a particular focus on creating a safe and empowering space for identity diverse people. I would aim to not only have programs for artists, musicians, writers and performers but also workshops for teachers, corporate teams, NGO’s and community groups. I would provide space for events that encourage difference and diversity while also fostering observation and critique. I want to start an Anti-Violence Marching Band with indigenous, refugee and traditional marching band musicians.

What experience or expertise do you have outside the Visual Arts?


I’ll make you the best coffee you’ve ever had. 20 years a barista. 
I’ve worked extensively in child care, specifically art and music classes. 
I’ve run and facilitated workshops as well as organised music festivals and gigs.
I ran a venue in Lismore called the Wasp Factory.

You Treat My Children Like Pieces of Meat
Ilmarinen’s Bride
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