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Title: The Web of Life



About: The narrative and meaning that inspired this painting is the interconnectedness and web of life. The webbing of the neurographic lines represent the many choices we are each presented with in life, the pathways we follow and the lessons we experience. We are all connected through stories, experiences and difficult roads – each on their own journey but each with a story to tell.

It is easy to forget compassion in such a dense earthly experience but this painting it to be a reminder that we all experience trauma to some degree and a smile and a check in with your friends, colleagues, families and even strangers can be woven into your journey.


The sunflower represents adoration – for all of life’s experiences and that we are all part of something bigger and brighter than ourselves, the bigger picture growing a new layer as each story unfolds. With the life/death/life cycle.

Ashley McHardy

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