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Title: Quiet Ferocity in the Jungle of Giants
Size: A4
Medium: Gouache on hot pressed paper


There are actual Giants (Large corporations, consumerism and the domino effects of this) and there are perceived Giants. This is a narrative of (self) perceived giants and their tall poppy syndrome. Tall Poppy syndrome is is the cultural phenomenon of jealous people holding back or directly attacking those who are perceived to be better than the norm. In Japan, they call it "the nail that sticks out is hammered down".


For independent creative - where standing out is essential to developing a livelihood- the effects of Tall Poppy Syndrome present a problem.


We need to rethink how we view success- in ourselves + others, to ensure the (greater) community is exposed to great work with diversity, not deprived of it.

In this painting, the Tree of focus is slowly climbing up, surrounded by giants overlooking (and blocking out most of the sunshine). It is with the few rays of sunlight that this tree has thrived and instead of competing with the smaller trees, it will collaborate and provide inspiration and support. The new paradigm.


This painting comes framed. Available for pickup in The Gap, QLD or as delivery at an extra cost.

This painting is also available as a custom size giclee print. Get in touch for size + price options.

Ashley Hardy

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