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Kim Price

Tell us a bit about your creative practice/process?

I am a Brisbane based abstract mixed media artist using acrylic, watercolour, inks and collage. My goal is to create colourful, expressive, energetic paintings that take the viewer to a new place. I want them to explore not just what they see, but what is underneath - those hidden elements that evoke a feeling of secret discovery.


With many layers underneath each piece, they reflect my personal interest in history which began in my 20’s with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in history. Each piece includes a snippet from the past - a photo, a piece of music, a letter, map or magazine article.


I am influenced by some of the great abstract painters of the 20th century including Gerhard Richter, Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian.


What excites me is creating something that hasn’t existed before - a dynamic piece of art that showcases the interesting interaction between shape, colour and line. My art comes from deep within me - reflecting how I interpret the world and what I would like others to experience when they see my artwork.

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