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Newsletter: March / April / May

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Hello and welcome to our next installment of our Quarterly Newsletter. We have had a bit of a delayed start to the New Year with the ever-changing Covid Conditions and now floods and we are doing our best to lock in some future dates for events! Our Art Community extends our heartfelt wishes that you and your families are safe during this weather event - we have a large community who are willing to help those in need so please don't hesitate to get in touch: We have welcomed a few new members over the last few months, lets give a warm welcome to:

Natarscha Schneider

Artist, Art Educator and has also joined our committee as our Events Facilitator. Natarscha is the creator and owner of One with Art, a local Art Tutoring business that operates afterschool programs at our local schools and kindy's.

Lisa Lawson

Visual Artist Lisa is inspired by her immediate environment.

This ranges from household furnishings such as a quilt + chair, stories that inscribes her memories from time and place, to landscapes of her forest property in The Gap, done in a minimalist style.

From the Committee

At the end of the year, we said farewell to our Treasurer, Professional Bookkeeper, Katia Luck. Katia did a wonderful job for us, getting us to the next stage of planning for our financial goals with a budget and profit and loss. We have a new Treasurer joining us and we will introduce them shortly.

We welcomed a new Secretary, Marianne Wilson (and also a member + Watercolour Visual Artist) in December, taken over for Diana Briscoe who will stay on the committee as a member. We are so thankful for Marianne's support for this role and for Diana's support throughout last year. We welcomed Committee Member Debra Pickering (and also a member + visual artist + art educator). We are grateful for her support and guidance.

Kirstie Page ceased her Marketing Role at the end of last year and was instrumental with the vision, content and branding and we are so honored to have had her help all of last year! Our President, Ashley McHardy has stepped into the role of Marketing Facilitator to keep our audiences engaged and to share all of our beautiful talent to our community + beyond. If you are, or know someone who is a bit of a marketing guru and would like to offer monthly support on content creation + scheduling, please get in touch:

Lastly, we are looking for sub-committee members to help us run and host our first gallery event in June. Preferably people with experience running gallery events in the past. Looking for folks who can provide tips, help run the event on the day as well as logistical support for administrative work leading up to the event.

What have you been working on?

In December + February, we introduced a new socials series called ' what have you been working on?' This is a fun way to get an insiders view of where your current practice is and may include: - short video clips of the start of a project and then panning to see the finished -time-lapse videos of work being completed -studio shots - we are curious what your workspace looks like! Do you have a tiny witches broom closet or a spare bedroom or a large studio. It doesn't matter what space you have, it is inspiring all the same!

- did you make any mistakes in your work that has become a new series idea? We love it all! Share your behind the scenes with us:

Some of our member's recent work below (click on images to see artist):

May Art Prompt

In March, you will see a post requesting some Nature art prompts in the comments section - please jot down a few prompt ideas! We will be collating these for a May Artist Challenge to any of our members who would like to participate. Participation is entirely voluntary, you may wish to only do a few prompts, or the entire month. Any medium can be used. This is a fun way to get our entire community involved and see what our local artists can come up with from community suggestions.

Art Gallery Event

Over the holidays, a small team of volunteers installed our hanging system in the art gallery headquarters at Trek2Health. The walls are LONGING for some beautiful local artwork and we are aiming to have our first gallery event on Friday, June 10th 2022! Friday night will be our launch with wine + cheese to browse the art. Sunday, June 12th we will have a family day to coincide with Trek 2 Health Festival called: Forest Footsteps. More information will be released soon but expect food trucks, art activities + games for the kids and our members artwork on display. You will also have opportunities for guided hiking around the beautiful reservoir and national park.

We are excited to see this space in all its artistic glory!

The Gap Creative Artist Trail 2022

The intention is set - we are hoping to have an Art Trail this year as well, towards the end of the year. As we plan more details we will share them when available. Keep your calendars open for September / October season, we want to do this trail before it gets too hot!

This event is what prompted The Gap Creative Inc to be born. A trail where the public can visit all personal or professional galleries within The Gap. If you don't have a gallery, there will be opportunities for collaboration in another Artists gallery. Are you a musician? We will be looking for some local musical talent. please get in touch:

Corporate Sponsorship

At the end of last year we introduced a new membership tier open for anyone, anywhere! Corporate Sponsorship is $100 / calendar year and open to individuals, businesses + sole traders. Corporate Memberships will help us with funding for new lighting in our gallery space, social gallery events, insurance + running costs and community events, as well as supporting The Gap Creative inc. to provide high quality curated workshops to our creative community and beyond.

As a thank you and to highlight your support to our community, we will feature your business in our newsletters and socials, offer you the first opportunity to sponsor a specific event, and the best part is you don't need to be an artist or live in The Gap! This membership category is open to anyone, anywhere!

Please provide 2-3 images of your business / service + 100 word bio or why you do what you do + links to your business services / products. We will use this information to feature your business on our socials + newsletter + website.


Each corporate sponsor will receive x 2 annual ads in our social channels. You can choose to highlight a major event you are hosting, a product or service.

Your logo will be displayed on our website "our supporters" with a link to your page.

Your Event / product / service will be highlighted in 2 of our quarterly newsletters each year.

Additionally, you have the option to sponsor a specific event(s) with a donation to supplement the cost of supplies, catering. Etc. Your logo will be included in any advertising as a supporter for this event(s).


Corporate sponsors are defined as commercial businesses or associations, whose

acceptance as a sponsor should meet the following criteria:

• The sponsor’s interests must not be in conflict with those of The Gap Creative.

• The sponsor must reflect the appropriate standards and ethics expected of an association

Thank you to our sponsors!

Sherryl Dobbie - Ray White The Gap

From Sherryl: I have lived in The Gap for the past 25 years and know and love the area very much. Have raised my 3 children here plus fostered a further ten!

My reputation for enthusiasm, integrity, understanding and dedication is well known amongst the community, and am dedicated to achieving excellent results for my Clients.

“Selling a Client’s home is a great honour and seeing the transaction through – from the initial meeting with Clients, through to achieving a great sale price and a smooth settlement is incredibly rewarding.

To get in touch with Sherryl - please contact her here: Mobile 0439 030 994

Totally Lit Podcast

Totally Lit is a monthly podcast celebrating reading, writing and creating literature. Join your host children's author Ky Garvey as she chats with authors, illustrators & all types of creators of books and stories. Be inspired to read, write, create, ignite! Check out her page here:

Brisbane Inner West Realty

Starting from humble beginnings, Kathleen has worked hard to create one of the The Gap's fastest growing referral businesses. Along with her husband, Stephen Doyle, she is a true believer of constantly adapting and developing her real estate knowledge and skills.

Together they run a highly successful and much-awarded small business and employ a team of local people who share the same country-style ethics and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Kathleen dedicates her success to the family and business values from her father. "Always put people first and the product second; understand where you can make the difference". Working locally for over a decade, she is greatly supported by a passionate and local team who share these same principles.

𝑪𝒉𝒆𝒄𝒌 𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒊𝒓 𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒌𝒔 + 𝒑𝒂𝒈𝒆𝒔 𝒃𝒆𝒍𝒐𝒘:

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