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Peta Harvey

Peta Harvey is both a visual artist and a research scientist.

Her creative energy is focused on developing her drawing skills and exploring the freshness and spontaneity of ink and watercolour painting.

The abundant local wildlife of The Gap greatly inspires Peta’s art practice. Their brilliant colours and striking forms are a familiar part of everyday life and her artwork brings a sense of connection to the fauna and flora that surrounds us.

Peta also enjoys the challenge of life-drawing and portrait painting, using a range of media to capture emotion or a mood in the expression of the subject.

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We asked Peta: 
"What themes do you pursue with your art?"

Inspired by the natural environment, the brilliant colours and forms of birds and 
local wildlife are common themes in my artwork. Collaborations with other 
scientists have also been a rich source of inspiration and provided the opportunity 
to illustrate animals, plants and marine species important to their research.

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