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Natarscha Schneider

I am an Artist, Art Educator and Art Therapist. I am the creator and owner of One with Art.  

One with Art offers a number of creative experiences for participants of any age to explore, have fun and express themselves through using different types of mediums, textures and techniques in an encouraging environment.

Allowing you to expand on your own individual artist style. 

In 2018, I launched One with Art after being inspired by two core beliefs: art is for EVERYONE and creativity is a pathway to connection. I believe that creating art stimulates our wonder, curiosity and imagination.  

I teach and develop specialised creative art programs for local schools, kindergartens and all type art parties/events and I absolutely love it!  

When I am not teaching or producing local art events, you can find me exploring, creating or dreaming up my next big idea at home - art is life! 

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