Michelle Fleur

I am an artist and craft-worker inspired by the tumultuous and symbiotic relationship between humans and the natural world. I spend most of my time musing on and painting earth and sea creatures – mostly whales!  Through my work I hope to promote a respect for our planet and its inhabitants and I enjoy collaborating with conservation groups, including not for profits and research organisations.  

​I teach workshops in contemporary watercolour painting and am available for commissions and private or group tuition. 


I think all of this is a hoot and couldn’t imagine a single better way to spend my limited earth time!

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We asked Michelle: 
"How has your practice changed overtime?"

 When I finished university and embarked on art full time I started with a more contemporary practice, utilizing mediums such as video, photography and performance art. However, it was soon clear that I preferred more tactile and craft-based modes of making. Over the years my practice has evolved and I’ve settled into watercolour painting and drawing as my primary forms of expression. Ceramics is a new pursuit for me and I’m slowly integrating it into my broader practice.