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Tell us about your creative process and/or practice?


My creative process is haphazard, absorbing musical and other works, letting them sink into the well and drawing down on them when the world or inspiration demands.


While I enjoy composing to a brief, I delight in the rare moments the muses enliven something in me and a fully formed work emerges in minutes. I am fascinated by the many faceted creative process and hope someday to  tame it so I may be more productive.


After years composing work for small scale film and theatre I now mostly attempt to write songs that are accessible and diverse in style. My main influences are songwriters - John Prine, Mark Knopfler, Dylan, various jazz guitarists (Metheny, Abercrombie, Towner, Frisell) and film composers (Carter Burwell, Morricone, Elfman etc)

What experience or expertise to you have outside the Visual Arts?


I have worked and studied across several fields: architecture, theatre, visual arts, music and education. The creative process underpins them all  so I generally draw on aspects of each to make sense of the world. I have a history as an arts and education consultant and have lectured at several universities in their arts and education postgraduate and undergraduate programs.

Michael Genner

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