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Katrine Mcleod


Tell us a bit about your creative practice/process?

I’ve been a visual artist since childhood and am a full time artist.


Growing up in Belgium I had painting lessons. I went on to do a B.A in sculpture at QUT. My passion is working with existing materials whether that be in sculpture or 2D work.I think the artist’s role is to reflect, interrupt, comment and highlight aspects of society.


I am part of the Bee St Collective and bought a house at the Gap three years ago.

What experience or expertise do you have outside the Visual Arts?


My areas of experience are in production design, visual arts, photographic restoration, interior design and Artivism.


Mosaic skull

45cm x 31cm

Tell about your dream project?


Working along side international groups in illustrating the need for system change in the climate resilience arena.

What inspires you?

Beauty, grit, resistance and vulnerability inspire me …

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The Picket Fence

Mixed Media on Board

76cm x 60cm

Octopuses Garden -The End of Surplus

 Mixed media on canvas

50cm x 70cm

The Good Guy/Flying Solo

 Mixed media on canvas

46cm x 34cm

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