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Craig McConachy

Tell us  a bit about your creative process or practice


I'm mostly inspired by places in Australia and overseas locations visited. I focus on landscapes and abstracts. I'm inspired by contrasting colours, tones and shapes within a composition. All the better if I can paint in a narrative or add a cultural nuance.


My role as an artist is as an alternative career. After four decades of numerous roles within Defence, I'd like to focus on creating images that evoke pleasant memories for others. 


What would be your dream project?

My dream project would be a series of Australian Landscapes half-wall size, perhaps 10' x 6'.


What other experience and expertise have you had outside the arts?


Global logistics, contracting, motorcycling and very amateur photography.

Title: Exrtemophites 1
Title: Milford Sound Sth Island, New Zealand 
Title:After Closing Time, Lefties, Claxton Street
Title: Snow Gums No1, Mt Kosciusko NSW

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