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Lynsay Allen

Lynsay hails from the East Coast of Scotland. Looking back, the haze of idyllic childhood is palpable.

These core memories ingrained an innocence and belief in inherent goodness that is reflected in their creative outlook with a persistence of character, symbolism, and intention.


Lynsay’s ability to occupy this space is owed to upbringing and lessons gained through empowered, supportive

A trained botanical artist, Lynsay uses skills and experience with mediums gained through this practice to break down traditional forms. Whilst underlying themes of work can be weighty, there is a lightness and ease in the finished pieces that exude hope, joy, love and acceptance.

Tell us about something that has inspired you?


The community of strong women that I work with during festivals. Being held and supported whilst working hard and learning from and leaning on each other.

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