The Gap Creative Inc.

Upon launching in October 2020 we quickly learned that this conversation was only one of many creatives sharing ideas on what an Arts Community could look like here in The Gap. It took a few years to get going but the timing was right in 2020 and it all came together swiftly.

We love connecting with our creatives here in The Gap, we have so much local talent and it was a natural progression to create an incorporated group to unite the creative community. 

Who we are.

We are an Incorporated Not-For-Profit Arts Community who has a management committee of dedicated volunteers. 
Our focus is to unite our creative community in The Gap, 4061, while supporting each individual artist, business or creative service through networking events, professional workshops, social gatherings and community events.

Our Aim is to put The Gap on the map as a creative destination to visit, we hope to do this by facilitating creative experiences for the public through gallery events, an annual artist trail and artist workshops.

theory of art.jpg
Artwork by Colin Peile

Why we are here.

After many years and many conversations, it was time to launch our very own Incorporated Arts Group.
We wanted to Incorporate rather than keep it a casual gathering so we can create a supportive foundation for our artist community and this enables us to take things to the next level with community grants for specific projects to diversify our suburb.

Artwork by Kirstie Page