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Kirstie Page

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Tell us a bit about your creative process/practice?


My artworks come together like a jigsaw puzzle, beginning as many seemingly haphazard, individual, misshapen parts, gradually coming together little by little, piece by piece, to emerge as a beautifully cohesive whole.

I look beyond the obvious, preferring to examine and explore the underlying meaning and significance of every detail.

My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look closely and explore the beauty within, not only the artwork but also in themselves. Because beauty is in all of us, even if it is sometimes found in the most unusual of places.

A life-long creative, Kirstie amusingly describes her unique, whimsical style as "Art Nouveau meets 70s retro wallpaper". Her intricate artworks not only tell a story but are filled with symbolic meaning.

Kirstie’s art is in demand, with her paintings in private collections internationally. Her art has also appeared in surprising places, including as a podcast cover and as the cover art on an LP. She has exhibited her art in numerous galleries around Brisbane, Australia as well as on various online platforms.

What experience or expertise do you have outside Visual Arts?

Kirstie Page is an Australian artist, educator and classically trained musician.

A busy mother of three, Kirstie is often reminded about the stages of life and the brevity of time passing. She creates her artworks and bespoke products to help others celebrate, recollect and share precious feelings and moments.

Kirstie has attained post-graduate degrees in music, education and communications, combined with additional academic studies in the fields of dietetics and dementia. She has worked in the front line of aged care and as a certified dementia trainer.

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