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Brodie  Kirkwood

Tell us a bit about your creative practice and/or process?

My creative process is very simply an expression of my inner world into the outer. With a deep calling of searching for something divine in everything and everyone I encounter, my art and creativity is my own personal and unique way of adding a touch of beauty wherever life may take me.

Tell us a bit about any other expertise, experience or interests?

Having worked as a visual merchandiser in fashion retail for many years, I am a stylist by nature, leading me to various creative opportunities and outlets. I am currently exploring my love of photography and writing, new forms of craft, and returning to my childhood passion of dance and performing.

What inspires you?

I believe as artists and creatives, we are the seers and visionaries of shaping how the world could possibly be, whilst also powerfully telling the story of all that was and currently is. I find inspiration in the natural world, from hearing the interesting tales of people’s unique lives and opening up deep conversations of what it is we could create if we all work together.

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