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Karen Browne

Cooking has always brought me joy, satisfaction and fulfilled a personal need for creativity. I left primary school teaching and began my own cooking business while living in London (2002-2010) because I wanted to share my skills, creativity and love of cooking with others.

I travelled widely, demonstrating and setting up practical experiences to teach basic cookery skills and provide hands-on, food experiences for children, parents and teachers  in schools.  I left London to raise my young family back in Australia in 2010.


As a passionate home cook, always experimenting and driven by this need for a creative outlet,  I started Come and Cook late 2015 with a small after-school club in my kitchen.


The business evolved to its own, dedicated space and now offers; Birthday Parties, Holiday Workshops, NDIS specific classes, Private lessons and Evening Events for adults.

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We asked Karen: 
"What memorable responses  have you had with your  work?"

I have received numerous  memorable reviews and feedback from both kids and parents which has been lovely. Inspiring the next generation or providing new recipe ideas for adults too and watching  kids learning through using their hands has brought so much joy and fulfillment to me too.

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