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Karen Bessell

My name is Karen Bessell, and I am the owner and founder of the U Create Art Studio in The Gap.  


My sole aim to ‘make a creative difference’, through painting commissions, teaching workshops and classes, or engaging with the community in collaborative art projects. I hope to inspire you, nurture your creativity, and provide you with the tools and ideas to spark your imagination.


We welcome new beginners to seasoned artists. 


We offer a varied visual art program, creative workshops, art and craft classes for all ages, private parties, corporate events, and arts education.

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We asked Karen: 
"What role does the artist play in society?"

For me artists play a pivotal role within society and have for centuries. Through the universal language of pictures, image and colour artists have created Artwork that has shaped our modern culture. Captured historical moments in time, reflected opinions and even become a vehicle for social change.

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