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Jannine McFarlane

In a world where people with their flaws, bumps, and quirks are looked at as less than perfect, I see that as perfection! Chaos, although uncomfortable and messy, is the true beauty of a life worth living. After studying fine arts, ballet, and choreography, I realised that I can help people capture who they are as people and as businesses.  

I specialise in moments and interpreting them into a memory or a value through photography. I spend my time with people who share my values of honesty, transparency, kindness, and respect for themselves and all living beings.

Life is not just about the big moments, it’s the little ones that you don’t notice that become the moments you remember.

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We asked Jannine: 
"What role does the artist have in society?"

Keeping ourselves and the community sane, inspiring people, hope, beauty, joy and recording what we were experiencing/feeling during any given time

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