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Ian Fainges

My Name Is Ian Fainges and I am a failed artist as told by my Grade 8 Teacher.

I have been dabbling in Creative industries winning an Orange at 10 years old for an abstract. As a Teen, doing Performance art in Theatre and Puppetry. At 20 I started to discover that I could draw and painted my first abstracts, then went to Adult evening classes and discovered Oil Painting. I also took up a hobby of painting Miniature figures to recreate famous battle.

In 2001 I meet a Figure sculptor who enabled me to develop my love of sculpture and Whimsy.

Since then I've gone on to become an award winning artist. Turns out my teacher was wrong!

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We asked Ian: 
"What role does the artist have in society?"

To bring beauty back to a world that is divisive and angry.

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