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Rhondalee Hunt

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Tell us a bit about your creative practice/process?

I love to explore my concepts without boundaries and the creative flow take over, that’s where magic is made..  


Tell us a bit about your experience/expertise outside the visual arts?


A season of being frustrated with a management position led me to open a cafe and gourmet retail food store that became a destination We were featured regularly in major newspapers and magazines for our unique take on things including growing a high percentage of our own produce. I believe my artist heart and love of blessing people made it a huge success. The decor, visual merchandising and creative food combinations were a hit & gave me a continued creative outlet.

We asked Rhondalee to tell us about what inspires her?

Inspired largely by the endless offerings of nature (flora, fauna, environmental scapes) and nostalgic childhood fantasies of Narnia, old poems and fairytales my dream project would be a storytelling major piece made up of small pieces that weave and intersect covering a large part of a wall.

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