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Giovanna Scott

Tell us a bit about your creative process/practice?


At the heart of my creative process lies a desire to celebrate the beautiful ordinariness of everyday life. With each layer of acrylic, painted paper collage and other mediums, my own story begins to grow. A childhood memory invokes a nostalgic 1970s colour palette, visiting friends and family turns a decaying bunch of flowers into a "remember that time...", a simple gesture of cake and coffee begins an offering of a recipe.


This sense of place and storytelling reflects decades of Secondary Teaching in English, Modern History and Study of Religion. Three magnificent disciplines to hone storytelling and create an environment of learning and growing. There are moments when I overlook that in my own artistic practice. 


I want to elevate the otherwise mundane and overlooked items and moments.  I aspire to evoke a deep appreciation for the beauty that exists within the fabric of everyday life, encouraging others to explore their own stories and create meaningful connections.

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We asked Giovanna: 
"What responses have you had to your work?"

I shipped a work interstate and the framer contacted me to congratulate me on my work. When I had my first overseas buyer, and then a second - heart lifting moments. When an interior decorator bought four originals. Women who come to my workshops and leave with their own collages to hang in their own homes.

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