Giovanna Scott

Giovanna is a practicing artist who lives and works in The Gap. When in her early 20’s, a six month holiday in Europe and North America reignited her passion for Art and History, returning home to study Art History with plans to move back to Europe.


A romantic twist of fate saw her stay in Australia to become a secondary teacher. Introduced to Scrapbooking in 2006 she excelled in combining mediums and storytelling with success here and overseas. While raising her two boys, she embraced online classes and transitioned to mixed media.


Giovanna’s repertoire continues to expand, distilling the best into a continually evolving style. 

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We asked Giovanna: 
"What responses have you had to your work?"

I shipped a work interstate and the framer contacted me to congratulate me on my work. When I had my first overseas buyer, and then a second - heart lifting moments. When an interior decorator bought four originals. Women who come to my workshops and leave with their own collages to hang in their own homes.