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  •    There is no entry fee for members of The Gap Creative Inc.

  •    Entries must be submitted by Friday 26 May.

  •    There is no limit on the number of entries however, a selection process may be implemented depending on gallery capacity.




  •    Artists can submit 2D or 3D works in any medium and subject matter. The artwork must be suitable for a school context. The organising committee reserves the right to deem artwork unsuitable for display.

  •    Entries must be the original work of the exhibitor and not infringe the copyright, moral rights or other rights of any third part. If you are submitting a portrait, you must have the subject’s consent to enter the artwork in this exhibition including ensuring they understand the artwork may be displayed to the public.

  •     Exhibitors agree to images of their work being reproduced in print and online for promotional purposes. To this end please include a digital jpeg file with your entry. Save file as “LastName_Title  e.g.Bloggs_Foggyday

  •     All works must be easily carried by 1 person.

  •     Entries are accepted, displayed and returned at the owner’s risk. All care will be taken but no responsibility accepted for loss or damage.

  •     Any questions artists have during installation must be directed to a member of the organising committee.

  •     The gallery will be open to the public and they may take photographs of your artwork. The Gap Creative Inc. will not be responsible for such photography.



  •    The work must be suitably presented and ready to be safely displayed with the appropriate hardware.

  •     Framed artworks and works on canvas must be ready to hang with wire or string attached.

  •    Clearly mark the artist’s name, contact details, title of work and price on the back of the artwork (not necessary for 3D works).



  •     Please allow for commission and any applicable GST when setting price.

  •     Commission is set at 20% with 10% being donated to The Gap State High School and 10% retained by The Gap Creative Inc.

  •     Artists will be paid for any sales after the end of the exhibition.

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