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Eva Turek-Jewkes 

Having completed her Bachelor of Photography at the Queensland College of Art in 2015, Eva found a love of shape and colour that went beyond the photograph, when she completed several local mosaic workshops. Glass became her muse given its contrary characteristics of strength, fragility and danger. Using her own photographs, Eva develops each scene by carefully selecting glass that both suits and enhances her selected subject. Each glass fragment is hand ground allowing the finished piece to have a slightly textured finish, where it is then carefully grouted, sealed and framed for maximum durability and visual enjoyment.

I have a degree in photography from the Queensland College of Art and a post grad in writing, editing and publishing from the University of Queensland. Basically, I like to take photos, make art from the photos and write about them.

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Medium - Stained Glass Mosaic 40cm W x 35cm H x 4.5cm D

My Garden Rose

Medium - Stained Glass Mosaic 61cm W x 55cm H x 4.5cm D

Dancing Fuchsias

Medium - Stained Glass Mosaic 61cm W x 55cm H x 4.5cm D

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