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Diana Briscoe

Tell us about your creative process or practice?

I was born in Scotland and spent my early years living on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon where my passion for the natural environment was ignited. I have also lived in Adelaide, Hobart, The Marshall Islands and Perth.


Diana has lived in The Gap for over 30 years. Her art expresses her connection with her natural surroundings. Working in a variety of mediums, she aims to bring the ‘outside inside’.

An avid crafter since childhood, Diana has now got more time to explore the interplay of art and craft. Since retiring from full time teaching, she has taken up painting and is integrating those skills in her textile work.

Whilst always ‘making’ things, I had never considered myself to be ‘arty’ until I had the time after retiring from teaching in early 2020. Since then, I have explored painting in every medium but I particularly like the vibrancy of pastels and the excitement of watercolour – a bit like an unruly high school student, you never know quite what it will do but sometimes the results are magical!

The next exploration will be to expand my felting using the fleece as my paint. I have been fascinated by the art of Moy Mackay since I started felting and would like to attempt to recreate some of my artwork in felt.

Diana is a member of the Pastel Society of Australia, Royal Queensland Art Society and Queensland Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists.

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We asked Diana: 
"What inspired you to become an artist?"

I hadn't painted or drawn for about 55 years then 2020 happened! I love everything so trying all sorts of different mediums.

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