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Ange Costes

Tell us a bit about your process and/or practice?

 am a Professional Photographer, originally from France, I’ve made Australia my home.

​I love to show people the world as I see it, and the beauty around us in every moment. 

​I’ve worked as a Photographer for Photo agencies, events, festivals, Animal rescue centres and Palliative Care QLD.

In 2021, I enrolled in a 12-month mentorship program to develop the idea of storytelling, leading to the birth of the project BACKYARD ART STORIES. Joined by a writer and a designer in 2022 and 2023, we collaborated on wordsmithing, and together, we launched the first and second editions of BACKYARD·ART·STORIES magazine, featuring 27 artists.

Other areas of expertise, experience and interests

I worked as an image specialist & picture researcher for studios and image libraries, government departments and media archives, and also as admin officer for two French language centres in Brisbane. I am currently working as a teacher aide with the Gap High School.

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