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Clare Treston

Clare Treston lives at The Gap in the architecturally special Triangle House, surrounded by lush tropical gardens.

Clare studied visual art at university 2001–2003, enjoying painting, printmaking and photography, but ultimately departed from her fine arts studies after her work was deemed to be “too tasteful”.

She regularly shows at community exhibitions with themes including budgies, animals, Brisbane, European vacations, and life in the gilded cage of Queenslander in the times of COVID.

Clare’s art products have been stocked in Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Artisan, and Cairns Regional Art Gallery.


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We asked Clare....

What roles does the Artist have in society?

"Personally,  I hope my art  makes people smile.
Art more generally in society, I think can make an emotional connection, challenge thinking, bring attention to important subjects and bring beauty to the world".

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