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In 21 years of honing her craft, Clare Green has pieced together hundreds of thousands of tiny hand-cut glass fragments into stunning mosaic masterpieces. ​


Based at The Gap, Clare describes her art as a reflection of her passion “and a tribute to the dispersive and re-compositional properties of glass”.

Over the years, Clare has developed a unique and contemporary mosaic style where those tiny pieces of hand-cut glass together act as a window to the beauty and drama of her acrylic pai​nting on canvas – Melded Glass.


​Using Smalti, glass and other materials Clare also produces vibrant and practical art pieces including tables, bird baths, garden and ​party bowls, mirrors and more.


Clare has been commissioned to produce public and private pieces over the years including a piece for Brisbane City Council during the renovation of City Hall, and for Redlands City Council’s IndigiScapes Centre.


Outside of her mosaic art exhibitions and commissions, Clare also runs weekly mosaic workshops from The Gap.

Clare Green

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