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Cathryn Lloyd

My arts practice is based around mixed media and collage.  Nature is probably my greatest source of inspiration as well as the ordinary everyday things that happen. I love colour, patterns, textures, materials that stimulate my creativity and imagination.

I believe there is no one way to be an artist. The artist may go beyond creating work that satisfies their creative impulses to commenting about and reflecting back to their society/community. They may choose to use their art for change and activism. This is a very personal choice and artists journey through and arrive at their destinations in different ways.

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Outside the Visual Arts Cathryn is a facilitator and coach with a particular interest in creativity, connection and collaboration.

Tell about your dream project
My dream projects are being seriously playful and creative in corporate settings, working with open, curious and creative clients.

My Cup Runneth Over

 Facilitation Coaching Cards

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