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Cathy Bevis

Tell us a bit about your creative practice/process?

I have always had a love of art.

As a secondary school art teacher and lifelong student of art, I have explored many mediums including pencils, pens, paint, printing, collage individually and combining them into mixed media works. I have also worked with clay and in recent years digital techniques.


My subject matter has focussed on figurative work and real life relationships. In recent years I have placed these figures into landscapes to add to their story. I gain inspiration from the various stages of my life including as a daughter, sister.mother and grandmother. One of my digital art creations was selected as a finalist in the 2021 Brisbane Portrait Prize. Another won the 2021 National Palliative Care Art Competition. I have worked with various art groups and participated in exhibitions at the BIA and Bee Street Art Group.

I enjoy the experience of creating. The process is important to me, as well as the result. The artist should always be evolving.

Title - She always waited for me

Media/Medium - Digital Art on Aluminium

36 x 28 cm

Title - Harmony

Media/Medium - Digital Art on Aluminium

40 x 40cm

Title - Run Daisy Run

Title - Embrace

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