Ashley McHardy

A visual artist, Holistic Counsellor and Creative Therapist, Ashley utilizes art for therapeutic support for her clients. 


While discovering her signature style, she is creating a series of landscape paintings in mixed media featuring different plays on light and metaphorical landscapes.
Her passion is sharing her love of art and empowering her students with creative therapies while teaching in her home-studio.

Originally from Canada, she is mending her homesick heart by painting favorite Canadian landscapes during her childhood and young adulthood.


Creativity is in her genes with her family inspiring, coaching and mentoring her through the years.


Alongside her creative business, she volunteers within her community and internationally.

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We asked Ashley: 
"What is your dream project?"

I am creating my current dream by pursuing and nurturing this creative journey every day, something I am working towards is to travel to locations around Australia and the world to offer my gift of art to remote communities. Bringing and donating art supplies and my time to share art activities to children and adults who may not have access to art. We are all born creative, some of us may forget along the way, or simply don’t have access to supplies or facilitators. I think the world would be a better place if we all practiced and nurtured our creativity each day.