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Ange Costes

My name is Ange Costes.

I am a fine art photographer, storyteller, and content creator.
I am a self-taught photographer with more than 15 years of experience in Digital Media in France and Australia.

I am obsessed with finding beauty & simplicity in everything I see, from colours to flowers, to soft lights. I love to capture moments of the world the way I see it.

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We asked Ange: 
"Explain what you do in 100 words"

I am a Certified Professional Photographer, with more than 15 years experience between France and Australia. I studied the ARTS and History of ART in France.
I am passionate about photography and all the different Art that you can work around with Photography. I work mainly on Events but also with families, and non profit association (RSPCA, Palliative care QLD, Ambulance Wish, The French festival etc)